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BigHorn Reel

Super Large Arbor
Anodized Red with Silver Splashings

Super Large Arbor Specifications


All reels are made from aluminum alloy and are machine cut for excellence along with a stainless steel ball bearing and carbon disc drag system. Our signature styles offer both large and super large arbors that can easily be switched from right to left handed.

The single clutch drag system offers tension to be adjusted for maximum play while the light weight reel can be enjoyed at any experience. Reels are anodized aluminum with a stylish cut for the ideal angler.

Super large arbor are anodized red with silver splashings.

Packaged in a neoprene case and box for shipping. Line and backing are not included. Reels will take approximately 120' of 20# backing for 3/4 #, 100' of 20# backing for 5/6#, and 80' of 20# backing for 7/8# reels.
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    A very nice reel! I have the 3/5 version and have had multiple fish run this ring through it's paces and it has passed them all. The retrieve is very smooth and the large arbor leaves plenty of room for backing and line.

    Awesome reel!!!... Feels great, love the super large arbour... Very well made... Dont think twice beore ordering this reel!!! Cheers... Jeff..
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